Welcome to tomsmess

Welcome to my mess!!

This is a personal web site, developed by me, for my use. If you have arrived, you either know me or have randomly selected my url. In either case, I am glad you are here.
Within these pages, you will find what ever I choose to add. I will be experimenting from time to time with different themes and scripts to see how they work so sometimes things will be broken.

I encourage you to visit our Mack Brink Art Glass pages. As for the other links to the left, Music, The Brink Gallery and Video are for my enjoyment. Unless I know you, don't ask for access.

What's New

I've been working on The Brink gallery, but Coppermine Photo Gallery is giving me fits. Be patient, someday I'll figure out the reason I can't add photos....

Mack Brink Art Glass

Mack Brink Art Glass (mbaglass.com) is our side job. We have been creating original, custom and publically available patterns since the 1980's. We encourage you to visit Our website.

We have future plans to open an ecommerce store. Check back for updates on this undertaking.